Agnes Stille


I am looking for my great-great-grandmother. Her full name was agnes emelie ferdinandine still and according to my knowledge of her she was born in berlin between september of 1842 and september of 1843. She probably moved to paris around 1860 to study music. She came from a family of musicians. On june 9th 1865, Agnes married with Ignacio Jose Melchor Mendioroz Ynza in Batavia, Isle of Java [modern Jakarta]. They had two children, the first one, valentina bertha henrietta mendioroz still, born in paris in 1867 and jose lucianne mendioroz still, born in bruges, belgium in late 1868. Ignacio and Valentina were prestigious 19 century opera singers and jose lucianne studied piano at berlin and milan conservatories. There seem to have been a close connection with Batavia, for in addition to their wedding, ignacio performed in batavia in 1867 and valenina’s opera debut took place in that city in 1885, which makes me believe that probably agnes’ parents were either missionaries or diplomats or something of that nature. I don’t have a second lastname for her and the only other clue that I have is that agnes had a sister named Bertha Still. Any suggestions or clues would be greatly appreciated.


Regards, Ben