“Cut and Paste” has turned into “Scratch and Sniff”. The ability to take credit, for some other individual intellectual property, has reversed the course of human history. We have entered another period of superstition equal to the Dark Ages. Fragments of information, taken out of context, are used by legitimate enterprise for criminal reasons. I personally have intellectual properties floating around India even in the absence of any contract.What is more appalling is the damage being done to health and welfare by electronic “Mantras”. Everyone has been instructed to drink; eight (8) glasses of water a day. There is no mention of the size of the glass, or the person drinking the water. NEWS FLASH: if you are a small person with (small kidneys) you may experience water weight gain. If you are a large person, you may still be dehydrated. If you are a goldfish, eight glasses of water is comfortable living room. If you are a toad, at the bottom of a bucket, that is enough water to drown eight times.To get back on topic: The ultimate effect of putting a Muse on paper is to be given credit. An electronic muse has a life of it’s own, usually giving the credit to someone in a position of authority within the assembly. It is not the “Credits” anymore it is the “Endorsements”! auto insurance rankings accutane better than minocycline life insurance history of