they choked away titles. Then they dominated the league only to face first-round losses to inferior teams (the Browns). At that point, everyone figured Dallas was done.Yet they clawed back into the hunt and eventually got their Super Bowl title.Your Dallas Mavericks achieved some playoff success and were oh-so-close. And now they’ve faltered early against an inferior team. So the question is, is Dirk Nowitski the basketball equivalent of Dandy Don Meredith? The great talent who could never quite reach the pinnacle and then walked away? Or is he the equivalent of Bob Lilly, the great talent who needed someone else to assist him? And who, I ask, will be Dirk’s “Roger Staubach?”Even though I raised the comparison, I cannot equate Dirk with either Meredith or Lilly on ANY level. It’s sad to admit, but last night he showed NO guts, NO cajones. How can a guy who single-handedly ended the Spurs’ reign in Game 7 a year ago, on the road, lay such a massive egg (it’s such a fitting metaphor, because Dirk laying an egg implies he has a p***y, not a d***) against freakin’ GOLDEN STATE?As Charlie Brown used to say, “***SIGH***.” propecia cheapest auto insurance