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    Hello, of and on throughout the years I have been attempting to find out more about my family.
    Unfortunately all those that could give me info are no longer with us and before they passed it wasn’t a subject anyone really talked about. I wanted to know about the history of our family, what happened etc. It’s still a big mistert.
    The part of my family that is still alive is not really on speaking terms with everybody which makes it all difficult. But who knows 🙂

    I am talking about the Drijsen family. My grandmoter’s name was Darmania (or Darmenia not quite sure). She had 2 girls 10 years apart, 1 being my mother Ybeltje Louise Robijn. The other Anne Robijn. I think they each had a different father and I believe my mother’s dad was called Herre Robijn (I never met him, I was told he passed away before I was born in 1963).

    My grandmother had 2 sisters Jacoba (who was married to Piet den Boer (worked on the bridge over the river Kwai) and Dicky (probably short for something)and brothers but I only know 1 name Adolf.

    I know the were in camps there before they came to the Netherlands.
    I would be extremely grateful if someone, anyone knows something that can help me! Thanks so much for your time!

    hverbaarschottH.J. Verbaarschott

    Darmania Drijsen was child of Johan Henry Drijsen and Louise Wilhelmina Keijser.
    She was born out of wedlock 10 june 1901 at Koeningan
    [Indische Navorscher 1992, page 88] [Bronnenpublicaties 2 of IGV, page 141]

    Johan Henry, geb. Pekalongan 9 juli 1872, ged. Indramajoe 17 aug. 1873,
    zn. van Johan Henry Drijsen en de inlandse vrouw Embok Maas Soedjinah, ongehuwd

    [Bronnenpublicaties 2 of IGV, page 105]
    Father of Darmania was born 9 juli 1872

    13.09.1902 Johan Henry Drijsen, geb. te Pekalongan, oud 30 jaar, employé bij de suikerrieten
    bibitonderneming Sedaradja (Koeningan), won. ald., tevoren niet gehuwd geweest, zn. van
    Johan Henry Drijsen, le klerk assistent-residentiekantoor te Indramajoe, won. ald., en van de
    inlandse vrouw Embok Maas Soedjinah, overleden, en Louise Wilhelmina Keijser, geb. te
    Bodjonegoro, oud 27 jaar, zonder beroep, won. te Sedaradja, tevoren niet gehuwd geweest, dr.
    van Willem Keijser en van de inlandse vrouw Naisa, beiden overleden. Getuigen: François
    Richard Edward Koelman, employe bij de suikerriet- en bibitondememing Sedaradja, won. ald.;
    Jan Daniel Mijer junior, klerk op het assistent-residentiekantoor te Koeningan.

    [Indische Navorscher 1992 page 81]
    Johan Henry Drijsen was a son of Johan Henry Drijsen and the Indonesian woman Embok Maas Soedjinah.
    He married Louise Wilhelmina Keijser at 13 september 1902 in Koeningan.
    Louise was the daughter of Willem Keijser and the Indonesian woman Nais

    28.07.1903 te Sedaradja (Koeningan). Johan Louis Drijsen, zn. van Johan Henry Drijsen,
    opziener der suiker- en bibitonderneming Sedaradja, en van Louise Wilhelmina Keijser.

    [Indische Navorscher 1992 page 88]
    A brother Johan Louis of Darmania was born 28 july 1903

    Johan Henrij
    geb. 13 nov. 1839 te Kedongwoenie (aangifte 13 nov. 1839); ouders: Caspar
    Drijsen, oud 30 jr., opziender 3e kl. bij de indigocultuur te Kedongwoenie,
    res. Pekalongan, en zijn echtg. Christina Wilhelmina Croese, oud 22 jr.,
    beiden wonende te Kedongwoenie; aangever: de vader; getuigen: Johannes
    Westhoff, oud 33 jr., Ie klerk, en Johannes Wilhelmus Toorop, oud 23 jr.,
    klerk, beiden op het residentiekantoor van Pekalongan en ald. wonende.
    [RA 1840, 249: Johan Henrij, zoon van C. Drijsen, geb. 13 nov. 1839]

    [Brp14 page 44]
    Most likely Johan Henry Drijsen, grandfather of Darmania, was son of Caspar Drijsen and Christina Wilhelmina Croese
    Casper Drijzen died 8 augustus 1842 in Pekalongan
    [RA1843, page (295)
    About Adolf Drijsen
    About Pieter den Boer
    More Drijsen as prisoner and Robijn
    Pieter Herres Robijn died in 1952, age 77
    Pieter Herres Robijn married Ybeltje Hiemstra


    RA 1896: page 289: Divorce. Indramajoe, 25 aug 1894 Johan Henry Drijsen met de Inlandse Christenvrouw Ma Koening.

    RA 1897 page 60: Indramajoe. registered Drijsen, Frederik Hendrik, Drijsen, Johan Frederik Hendrik, Drijsen Johan Henry jr., Drijsen Johan Henry


    Thank you so so much for all this info!!
    Now I wonder is it possible to find pictures anywhere? And the story of where they lived etc? Does anyone know if there’s a way to find things like that?


    They lived in the city of Indramajoe and Pekalongan


    Also they are the Japanese Camp cards at the National Archive at the Hague. You can see the man called Adolf you mentioned.


    So your mother was Ybeltje Hiemstra and your father was Pieter Herres Robijn. His father was called Herre Pieters Robijn.

    hverbaarschottH.J. Verbaarschott

    To find more information
    * mail the Indisch Familie Archief http://www.indischfamiliearchief.nl/Contact.aspx
    * contact distant cousins at the internet
    Adresses at facebook:
    and the rockband of the brothers: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reunited/556632821093506

    * keep searching at the internet


    This is so useful! Very grateful thank you.
    Will follow up on your suggestions and will keep searching the internet 🙂


    No i don’t think this is right. My mothers name is Ybeltje Louise Robijn.
    My father is not a Robijn.
    My grandmother (Darmania Drijs(s)en-Robijn was married to Herre Robijn from Oosterlittens the Netherlands.


    Ok,it is a but confusing. Your grand mother was Darmania Drijsen. Her parents were Johan Henry Drijsen and Louise Wilhelmina Keijser. Your mother is Ybeltje Louise Robijn and she married a Drijsen? And you mention her father was Herre Robijn.

    If we look up Herre Robijn in the Dutch national archive a Herre Robijn comes up, as the father of Pieter Herres Robijn who married with Ybeltje Hiemstra who is born at Oosterlittens in the Netherlands in 1906. So your mother first name must connected with the Robijn family of Oosterlittens.

    We see the following people in Pasoerooean at 1899: Robijn, Albert Bernard Christiaan, Robijn, Jan Pieler. Robijn, Pieter Alexander

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