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    Has anybody ever heard of this plantation and its exact geographical location?

    DennisWeb master

    See: National Archive, The Hague, Inventory 2.09.46 (= dossiers Naamloze Voennootschappen van het Ministerie van Justitie, opgeheven vóór 1983, 1820-ca. 1945), number 9404 (= Cultuurmaatschappij Soember Kedoeng Dowo). Accessibility limited until January 1th 2021.

    hverbaarschottH.J. Verbaarschott

    soember kedoengdowo was producing fibers (vezel)
    owner: NV Dutch Japan Plantations ltd
    manager: A Kawanani in 1937
    adress: Soemberlawang

    in 1893 it was a timberenterpise, cutting trees
    But it had some coffeegrounds in 1893

    DennisWeb master


    hverbaarschottH.J. Verbaarschott

    source 1893 :
    source 1937 : cultuuradresboek 1937, unknown page of kitlv-site

    But where was it ?
    Perhaps here ? :

    apintveldAdriaan Intveld

    Hi, according to the Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost-Indië, pages 301 and 440 was Soember Kedoengdowo located just South-East of the village of Djekawal (nowadays Jekawal).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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