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    Could please anyone point me to a place where I may find more information about
    Wladyslaw/Ladislaw(v) Makowiecki (brother of my great grandfather)

    I already found a lot in this search engine:

    He was born in Czerniowce (Galicia/Bukowina) in 1877,
    went by ship to Dutch East Indies (I couldn’t find when this first trip took place)
    where he was “EuropeescheInwoners”

    In 1909 – he left Sumatra on 1909 (probably for Java)

    He got married to P.A. Makowiecki (born Walther)
    in Indonesia before 1921 – I only have a picture but no place or year.
    It seems she is a child of Dutch person and a native Indonesian.

    In 1921 – he came to Amsterdam on 1921 (with his wife),
    In 1926 – he left Amsterdam on way to Tanjung Priok (north Jakarta) (with his wife)

    I also found these in the newspapers:
    In 1932: Makowiecki W, – Empl. N.K.Petrol. Mij. Pladjoe (P.A.Walther)
    In 1932: L. Makowiecki – Maetsuyckerstraat 8A, Malang T. 6555

    My family lost contact with him ~1932

    His wife: P.A. Makowiecki (born Walther) was still alive in 1941
    and was living at Kaoemanstraat No. 7 in Malang (Java).

    I have to information if they had any kids or what happend to both of them.

    Best regards,
    Wojciech Makowiecki


    01-03-1888 birth of Pauline Adeline Walther in Amoerang (RA1890: 344)

    Father possible Gustaaf Walther

    Kind regards, Ben


    Wow! Thank you Ben!
    Could you please explain the source (RA1890:344)?
    You mean Amoerang in Sulawesi island, right ?

    Kind regards,


    1909 Makowiczki, W. plant chief Petrol Mij Perlak te Ida (married with P.A. Walther)

    time between also mentioned place Moeara Enim and Palembang,
    1927 Mackenvileki, empl. Petrol mij Zuid Perlak te Idi (married with P.A. Walther)
    1927 Macowiecki, L. empl Petrol mij te Pladjoe (married with P.A. Walther)
    1932 Makowiecki, W. empl te Pladjoe (married with P.A. Walther)

    According Delpher 19-03-1909 he left Sumatra with SS “De Kock” with his wife. So marriage before March 1909

    17-03-1921 Arrival in Amsterdam (travelled by ss Riouw) with his wife. No children mentioned!
    23-11-1926 Departure from Amsterdam to Indie together with his wife. No children mentioned

    I can not find any registration card of them in Amsterdam. Do you have any idea where they lived in the Netherlands between 1921-1926?

    kind regards, Ben


    Many thanks for all the information Ben!
    From the family pictures I know that they stayed some time in Lwow (Poland, now Lviv Ukraine),
    but unfortunately I have no information other than that.


    Sorry for the missing explanation of RA. RA means regeringsalmanak voor Nederlandsch Indie. That means the annual for Ned Indie. Since 1815 every year there was an overview of all European people (männer) in Ned Indien (function, place). But names of activ soldiers were not published Also they published the marital status: date of birth, marriage, death but no parents were given by birth, no relation by death. And no age.
    Some of these manuals can you find on internet (for exemple .

    Sometimes the civil registration has been copied by Familysearch. But I have not found a film for Amurang of the period Pauline was born.

    Good luck,


    Ben, this is fantastic!
    Thank you very much!
    I’ll have a look at the documents under your link!



    I have not found names of children. If there were children before 1920 they seemed not boarding to Amsterdam 1921 and also no children on board to Ned Indie 1926. If there were children of them may be they immigrated to Australia.
    Look at immigration

    Amoerang = Amurang = indeed Celebes.

    Kind regards, Ben


    Thank you Ben!
    I don’t have any information about their kids, I suspect there were none,
    in this case I’ll be looking for the death records and perhaps graves?

    I looked at the name lists of the Regeringsalmanak voor Nederlandsch Indie
    under you link to the Berlin library, but couldn’t find any Makowiecki (or misspelled Mackowiecki)
    in the name lists at the end of the books.

    Have you used some other source for this information?
    “1909 Makowiczki, W. plant chief Petrol Mij Perlak te Ida (married with P.A. Walther)”

    Kind regards,


    The last information I found is the one from 10 June 1941
    name Makowiecki (woman) appears on page 13th under “Covim-B-diploma’s”


    One more interesting thing:

    When I looked http://www.dordtenazoeker.nl/ under the misspelled name Macowiecki
    it shows:

    M. Macowiecki en echtg.
    ship Riouw, Batavia-Amsterdam,
    source: NRC (Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant) 16-2-1921, ed. 1, blad 8/8

    When I search for Makowiecki, than it shows:

    W. Makowiecki en echtg.
    ship: Riouw, Java – Amsterdam
    source: NRC (Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant) 19-3-1921, ed. 1, blad 9/9


    I found the same data for shipping using Delpher.

    My source regarding “de regeringsalmanak voor Nederlandsch Indie” is a DVD with the data of all publications of these almanac between 1815 and 1942. On the internet there are different years available but not all.

    You also have seen the message in the courant in 1931 about the permission to start a pension in Malang by mrs Makowiecki?

    The name of Makowiecki stated in the almanac between 1910 and 1932. Always combined with the name of his wife.
    May be he died between 1931 and 19411. The civil registration data in the almanac ends round 1921-1922.

    Kind regards, Ben


    Yes, I’ve seen the info about the pension, very interesting …

    Thank you for the information about the sources Ben!

    I found one more great source called “Nieuw Adresboek van Geheel Nederlandsch-Indie”,
    but I only have a pdf from 1915 (I forgot where I downloaded it from, it was some time ago)
    Would you know where I can find more of this series ?


    Nieuw Adresboek van Geheel Nederlandsch-Indie is a part of de DVD I mentioned before. No more additional information than I have given.

    Some years of the adresboek are on-line but at this moment one of these sites
    is temporarely not available.

    Kind regards, Ben


    Thank you once again Ben.
    I wrote to the site admin, and it will be offline for the next couple of months,
    but there’s no hurry 🙂


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