Cedric, I wholeheartedly agree! To echo your same ceonmmts . I’m 24; my students are 15-16 but I don’t have a TV, and I don’t really listen to pop radio. So even with a relatively small age difference between my students and me, I’m still pretty removed from their culture. Like you, I’ve heard snippets of their favorite songs and what not they enjoy teaching me about their music and trying to get me to watch their favorite shows, too. But over and over again, I’ve seen the same thing that you’ve reflected on my students value personal relationships much more than me knowing the latest trends. Sure, it can be a hook to get their attention, but those are not the things that make them feel valued or loved (in fact, I think it’s a relief to many of them to see from my example that it’s ok to not be perfectly versed in everything cool ). I love that you are encouraging others to think about this and focus more on the relevance of Christ in their lives! tvozwr [link=]aevnznwahie[/link]