Jan jansz Voll


Bedankt Arthur

Dit zou dus gaan om de Duitse Jan Jansz Voll, Olfen ligt in NRW. Wat ik erg vreemd vind is dit artikel uit 2010
From: “Treacherous Translators” (2010)

The first Voll to arrive in Makassar was Jan Jansz. Voll, from Alphen, who sailed from Texel as a VOC soldier on May 2, 1698. After more than six months at sea he arrived in Batavia, and then in late 1699 or early 1700 he was transferred to Makassar, where he eventually rose to the rank of corporal. Before his departure he had arranged for the VOC to

pay part of his wages to a woman in Amsterdam, but in 1715 he requested that the Company suspend these payments, because he had married in Makassar, and needed the money for his new family.

We do not know who Jan Janz. Voll’s wife was; she could have come from the small mestizo community or, as was more common at that time, she could have been a freed slave or local woman. We can reconstruct a partial genealogy of the Voll family up to the present time, thanks to the records of the VOC, and the painstaking work of the genealogists

Van Treslong Prins, the CBG (Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, The Hague), and Mr Albert Voll of Leiden. It is clear that, in the early centuries, the marriage patterns of the Volls were similar to those of other well-established mestizo families: there is a history both of intermarriage between Makassar clans, and also with local Indonesian women, ranging from (ex)slaves to members of regional aristocracies.

Zou zij Olphen D mischien verward hebben met de Nl Alphen? En zij spreekt over varen vanaf Texel?