Looking for my ancestors


Ok,it is a but confusing. Your grand mother was Darmania Drijsen. Her parents were Johan Henry Drijsen and Louise Wilhelmina Keijser. Your mother is Ybeltje Louise Robijn and she married a Drijsen? And you mention her father was Herre Robijn.

If we look up Herre Robijn in the Dutch national archive a Herre Robijn comes up, as the father of Pieter Herres Robijn who married with Ybeltje Hiemstra who is born at Oosterlittens in the Netherlands in 1906. So your mother first name must connected with the Robijn family of Oosterlittens.

We see the following people in Pasoerooean at 1899: Robijn, Albert Bernard Christiaan, Robijn, Jan Pieler. Robijn, Pieter Alexander